//Vision After Hours Podcast: Vision Ford Lincoln Finance Manager

Vision After Hours Podcast: Vision Ford Lincoln Finance Manager

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What’s up everybody? I’d like to welcome you to the Vision Ford Lincoln Hyundai podcast. I’m going to be your host today. Johnathan Lewis. So in today’s episode, I’m going to be doing things a little bit different, and it’s going to be a little bit shorter because of what we’re going to be talking about today. The first thing I really wanted to do on this podcast is tell you about what you’re going to hear about in future podcasts. That way you know whether to keep listening or not [laughter]. Anyways, the second part of the podcast I’m actually going to be having a guest on today to talk about what you should bring in to the dealership if you’re expecting to buy a vehicle. Maybe you’re not even expecting, but maybe you have an itch, and you’re going to drive to the dealership. Well, you can just bring this information anyways to basically save everybody time [laughter]. And to save you time, mainly. But anyways, before I get started today, I wanted to say that we’re located on 1500 White Sands Boulevard, here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. And our phone number is 575-434-4800. So let me go ahead and hop on over, and let’s go ahead and get started, and let me tell you about what to expect to hear about in future podcasts. All right, so basically our podcast is going to provide a ton of information, to be honest with you. This information is not going to be just relevant to people looking to buy a vehicle. We’re going to be doing customer testimonials, so you’re going to know what kind of customer service you’re going to get when you come to the dealership here at Vision Ford Lincoln Hyundai. That’s just plain and foremost, we’re a smaller dealership, our number one priority is going to be customer service, and you’re going to hear it all the time in our podcast. I mean, if you talk to someone that’s ever bought from here, you’re going to hear it as well. So anyways, other than that, you’re going to be hearing about car reviews. We’re going to be doing video walk arounds located on our YouTube channel, which we haven’t fully created yet, but it’s going to be called Vision After Hours. So whenever I get that created, I’ll attach the link to the future podcasts that way you can see that as well. We’re going to be giving car buying and maintenance tips. We’re going to be doing department interviews. So in other words, we’ll interview our used car manager, our service manager, etc. Basically all departments of the dealership. And basically, you’re going to learn how all these work together to sell a vehicle or to get maintenance done on your vehicle. We’re going to be releasing information on any new Ford, Lincoln, or Hyundai, and I’m going to be doing my own giveaways, which I typically do once a month, and a lot more. We’re also going to be doing special unveilings. I’m going to personally try to do an unveiling of the new Ford Ranger, which we should be expecting to get around January timeframe, but we don’t have an exact date yet. Also, obviously way in the future, would be the Ford Bronco. The new 2019 Mustangs, they just got out here to Alamogordo, so I’ll be doing information on that as well.

Jonathan 02:34
So now, learn a little bit about your host, which is me, is I always try to give the listeners a little bit of information on who they’re hearing from. So first of all, I’m 33 years old, I’ve been married now for 10 years, I have two kids, and I just got medically retired from the Air Force. I was actually stationed out here at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I’ve been selling cars here at Vision Ford for four months now. It’s been an amazing adventure, to say the least. I love working here. I love my colleagues and who I work here with. I’m actually from Anniston, Alabama, and now I’ve been living here in Alamogordo for three years now. My wife is currently in the Air Force. She’s actually a med tech. So I won’t be leaving anytime soon, and that’s why I’m still here. But in all honesty, we love the area out here, and we love the people even more, which is what it should be all about, and which is why I think customer services and customer services should be so strict out here. Especially on the small businesses or smaller businesses as well. So that’s enough about me. Now let’s bring in our special guest today, which she will be discussing on what you should be bringing into the dealership if you’re expecting to buy a vehicle.
All right, I’d like to welcome our guest speaker today, Brecken Sirrine, which is our finance manager here at Vision Ford. So she’s going to be discussing basically what you should be bringing to the dealership if you’re expecting to buy a vehicle. Even if you have the itch and just want to drive on the lot, these are still good things to have with you when you’re getting ready to purchase a vehicle. So Brecken, so I’m in the military, living in the dorms, I’m brand new, what, in all honesty, should I expect to bring to the dealership?
S2 04:07
Well, what you should expect to bring is, every military member that lives in the dorms should be assigned a PO Box, and when they do that they should’ve received a letter stating, you know, “PO Box 605 is assigned to Johnathan Lewis.” You definitely need to bring that for proof of residence just because you don’t have a physical address, and so the bank knows where to send your contracts, your title paperwork, all of that information. And that goes for active duty as well. You want to bring your LES in, your most recent one, with a copy of your orders. That’ll help prove your residence, since you are probably transferred here. Work for proof of residence of any sort for the PO Box or that.
Jonathan 04:58
So the copy of the orders will suffice as a proof of residence [crosstalk]?
Brecken 05:00
Yes, only for registration though. The bank will not accept that because it does not have an address on it. New Mexico state will accept that, though, since you are active duty. The bank, on the other hand, will take insurance. If you have a New Mexico license, you don’t have to worry about that. But if you live in the dorms, you’re going to need that PO Box letter or insurance.
Jonathan 05:33
Internet, I’m assuming. Everybody has internet.
Brecken 05:34
Yeah, if they have internet in the dorms. Like I said, it has to be within 30 days. Obviously, no one has cable on base, I’m sure. A phone statement will work. Stuff like that. Or utility bills. You don’t have those in the dorms. So you’re pretty limited when it comes to living in the dorms, but you only need two, so.
Jonathan 05:56
Got you. So two proofs of residence. And is that it as far as if I’m living in the dorms? I know a lot of times you’re– new military here at Holloman, from what I experienced, is first-time buyers. So do you want to elaborate on what you would need as a first-time buyer possibly?
Brecken 06:11
So if you are considered a first-time buyer, the PO Box letter, of course, because you’re living in the dorms. Even if you’re not living in the dorms and you’re considered a first-time buyer for active duty, or just a civilian, a PO Box letter, the LES or orders, same thing for active duty. If you’re not active duty and you’re just a civilian, you’re just pretty much going to need, probably, a rental agreement wherever you live proving that you do pay what you pay in rent. And then, just your insurance and your driver’s license.
Jonathan 06:46
So pretty standard stuff, in all honesty.
Brecken 06:48
Jonathan 06:49
And one thing, I’ve only been selling here for four months, but here’s what I can tell you. Make sure your driver’s license is up to date.
Brecken 06:56
It happens.
Jonathan 06:56
I’ve ran into that a couple of times. So anyways, definitely check and make sure. So I got a big one for you as well. We’re really close to Texas, we’re really close to El Paso, if somebody’s buying out of state, for example from El Paso, what exactly would they need?
Brecken 07:12
Okay, so it goes hand-in-hand with your basic stuff, you need your insurance. If you have a Texas driver’s license, which I”m assuming you will if you’re living in Texas, they will require us to obtain a VIN/safety inspection on the vehicle. So once we contract you and you take delivery of the vehicle to Texas, and you provide us with insurance – it has to be after you put the vehicle on the insurance – you take your vehicle down to Dick Poe. We have an account with them. They’re in El Paso. You just let them know, “Hey, I’m here to do a VIN/safety inspection on my vehicle. Vision Ford sent me. I bought my vehicle from them. Charge them.” You’ll be in and out. They’ll fax me over a sheet, and we’ll be good to register you in Texas. If you don’t live in El Paso, but you still live in Texas and you purchase from us, you can go to any dealership and they’ll do it. You will just be responsible to pay for it, and then we will reimburse you if needed, so.
Jonathan 08:11
Got you. Pretty simple stuff then.
Brecken 08:13
Jonathan 08:14
So is there anything else you want to elaborate as far as what you may need to bring to the dealership? I mean, I’m going to throw this out there because I’ve ran into this issue as well, if you have a paid off vehicle that’s a trade-in, make sure that you have the title with you, and be prepared to sign. So is there anything that you could possibly think of that you may need for a specific situation possibly?
Brecken 08:34
The only other thing I can think of is if you are active duty or retired, veteran, you possibly qualify for a military rebate if you buy a new vehicle. Hyundai, Lincoln, or Ford, they have always honored military with a $500 to $1,000 military rebate. If that is the case and you plan on purchasing new, make sure you bring your DD-214 if you’re retired. If you’re active duty just bring your ID. That’s all we need and–
Jonathan 09:06
It’s simple.
Brecken 09:07
Yeah, we’ll create you account and get your certificate.
Jonathan 09:10
Yeah, it’s really simple, I can tell you that. I bought three vehicles from here before I actually started working here. So pretty easy and quick process. So that’s pretty much all you have?
Brecken 09:19
Yup, it’s pretty simple. You know? Just your basics.
Jonathan 09:23
All right, so I like to thank everybody for listening today to the Vision Ford Lincoln Hyundai podcast. Don’t forget we are located at 1500 White Sands Boulevard. Or just call 575-434-4800 and make sure to ask for me, obviously, Johnathan Lewis. I’ll be in sales. And have a happy early Thanksgiving, everybody. Hopefully, I’ll hear from you next episode.

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