//Why Visit a Ford Dealer for Pre-Owned Inventory

Why Visit a Ford Dealer for Pre-Owned Inventory

If you are ready to shop for a new Ford to replace an aging vehicle, the best deals are available exclusively at your neighborhood Ford dealership. Only your regional Ford dealership has the steady stream of after-lease vehicles that are in like-new condition and ready for resale after a short 6-month, 2-year, or 3-year lease. These vehicles help you dodge the bullet of depreciation that brand-new cars suffer in the first year. A brand-new vehicle can depreciate by as much as 11-percent the moment you drive it off the lot and by as much as 30-percent in the first year. Although Ford’s are built to industrious standards and known for their reliability, it is the chaotic discrepancies of what a used car seller can’t prove to validate the long-term value of an auto that hurts the prices. Although there are rational methods of hedging against buying a bad used car, consumer shopping trends are irrational and tend to panic when faced with a large investment decision.

Pre-Owned Vehicles

A preowned vehicle is the next best thing to buying a brand-new auto. When you shop in the preowned vehicle aisle, you can enjoy the benefits of a brand-new car at used car prices. Our exclusive access to after-lease vehicles provides us with a vast inventory of high-quality vehicles at exceptional prices. These vehicles are often of the same generation as the latest models, and therefore have all the same safety features and options as the originals. Although you have less choice over customization, you can bet that these vehicles were gently used and meticulously maintained. In most cases, the preowned vehicle was maintained in full from the day we sold it up to the day when it was returned from a lease or traded in.

Depending on the warranty options, you can have the factory warranty extended by as much as a year. We may be able to provide free loaner vehicles anytime that your vehicle is down for service. In fact, we may be able to cover all the maintenance and repair costs for the term of the warranty.

It is important to understand that these vehicles have to meet strict criteria to qualify under the pre-owned resale program. These vehicles must meet the manufacturer’s inspection and performance standards to even become eligible for a certification and warranty. This means that they have no damage to the frame and were never in an accident. The mileage and age of these vehicles must be low enough to provide certainty that it was always under warranty and was never neglected in any respect of preventative maintenance.

We have a team of master mechanics who are required to meticulously inspect after-lease vehicles when they are returned. They look for any parts that may have incurred premature wear and replace them to maximize the value of the vehicle. In fact, our automotive service department will invest in any vehicle returned to us that qualifies for the pre-owned sales program. The reconditioning that is needed to make these vehicles like-new and ready for sale is the difference between purchasing a used vehicle from any other place. Our service team balances the virtues of repairs versus the cost of replacing parts. If a vehicle is worn down to the point where it will cost too much to replace worn parts to ensure the new owner has many happy years before requiring additional repairs, then it simply won’t qualify for the program.

Purchasing Vehicles from Other Used Car Dealers

The quality of work done at smaller dealerships and by private sellers to prepare a vehicle for sale are questionable. Private parties often lack the interest in taking care of any problems in a vehicle that they no longer love. They may be hard-pressed for money as the reason for why they are selling it in the first place. When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from our dealership, you never have to worry about the history of the automobile. We keep meticulous records of every service performed on each vehicle by storing the information across dealerships on a cloud network database that retains the information by the vehicle’s VIN number. This means that the information will transfer even if the vehicle changes owners.


When you are dealing with our dealership, you can rely upon our reputation. When you pay for additional protections and a higher quality of used automobiles, you can bet that we will take any additional profits and invest it in reconditioning the vehicle for long-term performance. Our high-volume business model is focused exclusively on customer retention. This drives us to repair each vehicle and prepare it for sale by doing everything possible to restore parts that need the most attention. Although a pre-owned vehicle may have minor wear and tear, you can incur minor wear and tear of equal proportion by simply driving a brand-new car for a month in many cases.

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