//Vision After Hours Podcast: Episode 2–Ford Ranger

Vision After Hours Podcast: Episode 2–Ford Ranger

Jonathan 00:00
I’d like to welcome everybody to the Vision After Hours Podcast where you get the up-to-date information on Ford, Lincoln, and Hyundai vehicles and much more. I’m going to be your host today, Johnathan Lewis. So today is a very exciting episode, not just for me, but for a ton of people out there. Today, we’re going to be talking about the highly-anticipated release of the 2019 Ford Ranger. Actually, I have a special guest with me here today, Mike Alderete. He’s going to be going into more of the detail, and the specs, and stuff like that. We’ve had a ton of people already coming into the dealerships – we’re located out here at 1500 South White Sands Blvd in Alamogordo, New Mexico – asking a ton of questions about the Ranger. And you know what? I figure we might as well go ahead and do a podcast over this and save some people some time. Especially, for the ones that listen to the podcast. So the next part of this is going to be I’m going to go ahead and let Mike take it away and introduce himself, and give a little bit of a background about himself real quick.
Mike 00:51
Yeah, man. Thanks for having me on the show. One of the sales guys here at Vision. And I know everybody’s been asking a lot about this vehicle.
Jonathan 00:58
Oh, my gosh.
Mike 00:58
It’s exciting. I’ve had countless people come in and say, “Hey. When you guys getting the Ranger? When you guys getting the Ranger?” I’m like, “Man, I really don’t know yet.” But, finally, we know. We should start seeing them hit the ground, probably, at the end of this month, maybe the beginning of January, we probably will see the first ones hit the ground.
Jonathan 01:14
So that’s coming up really quick.
Mike 01:15
That’s coming up pretty soon. So get your bank accounts ready because they’re here [laughter].
Jonathan 01:19
So okay, before we get more into detail, because I just remembered something. So, Mike, I got a question. If I’m a customer coming down to the dealership and I know we’re getting Rangers in, right? To the dealership.
Mike 01:30
Jonathan 01:31
Can I, possibly, get on a list? Can I leave you my name, information? Basically, I want a Ranger. Is there a way to put me on a list and, at least–
Mike 01:38
Yeah, man.
Jonathan 01:39
–get a phone call?
Mike 01:40
It’s just like any other vehicle. If you want that specific vehicle, just come on down to Vision Ford and talk to one of sales guys. I’m here as well, so just talk to me or anybody here and say, “Hey. I would like to order a Ranger.” Now, we don’t have any yet, but if you want to build one specifically to how you would like it, then just talk to one of the sales guys at the store and we’ll make it happen for you.
Jonathan 02:01
Simple stuff. Really easy. All right. So I’ll start off with a question, and you can take it away from there. First of all, one of the most commonly asked questions, to me is, what type of motors are you going to see in the Ford Ranger?
Mike 02:16
Well, surprisingly, this year, there’s only going to be one motor in the Ford Ranger this year. It’s only going to be the 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder with the Auto-stop-start technology. Which means if you are to come to a stop– now, you can disable this feature if you like. But if you come to a stop, any stop sign, stop light, whatever, it’s pretty good in traffic, when you press the brake the engine will actually shut off. Which saves fuel consumption. Improves on fuel economy, all that good stuff. Now, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off no problem. But it will stop when you press the brake. When you release your foot off the brake, the engine will start up again. So don’t get scared when you hear the engine cut off, because you didn’t do anything wrong. Because I’ve had a lot of people say that.
Jonathan 02:53
Yeah. So, basically, Ford is integrating– I mean, like anything else, economy. I mean, it sort of comes to fuel consumption. People want more bang for their buck and that’s kind of what they’re getting in this.
Mike 03:05
Jonathan 03:05
So with it being a 2.3-liter, you should know what the next question should be, and that’s going to be, what can you tow with this thing?
Mike 03:10
Yeah. I figured [laughter]. I hear that a lot too. So with that size engine, if you equip the tow package– it’s going to be a Class 4 Trailer Tow Package because, again, it’s not a half ton. It’s not a huge truck.
Jonathan 03:23
Yeah. Of course. Of course.
Mike 03:24
I mean, it’s not a SuperDuty or an F-150. With the trailer tow package equipped, you can up to 7500 pounds.
Jonathan 03:34
On a four-cylinder?
Mike 03:35
On a four-cylinder. On a four-cylinder.
Jonathan 03:36
In all honesty, I mean, you asked that a couple years ago, people think– you tell them that. They’d think you were crazy, to be honest with you.
Mike 03:41
Right. Right. With 1800 pounds of payload, which means you can put 1800 pounds into the bed to carry. Of course, that’s coming with the 2.3 EcoBoost that’s delivering 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. So you can do those numbers in your head–
Jonathan 03:57
That’s ridiculous.
Mike 03:58
–and figure out– yeah. It is. It’s amazing, man. The technology they’re doing now is just ridiculous on these new pickups, man. It’s crazy.
Jonathan 04:05
I’ve only been a salesman here for three and a half– going on four months now. And I didn’t understand– even, you take the F-150, the 3.5, or the EcoBoost, and you line it up against The V8s, against some of these other manufacturers–
Mike 04:16
Oh, man. It’s ridiculous.
Jonathan 04:17
It is not even a comparison and that’s what blows people away all the time. Is just the difference in– people can’t believe that a V6 is going to tow more than a V8.
Mike 04:26
Jonathan 04:26
But it is.
Mike 04:27
Yeah [laughter]. The V6 now tows more than a lot of the V8s do. It’s just ridiculous. The technology they’re putting in these engines, that Ford’s doing with the 3.5 V6 which is the best half ton towing truck you can get right now. I know we’re talking about the Ranger but just a little bit about that. That is the best truck to tow for the half-ton right now.
Jonathan 04:47
All right. So the next question I will ask you is– because I have gotten a lot of this as well. Will they come in two-door and four-door or what, exactly, is going on there?
Mike 04:55
So, right now, you can get– now, this is for this year for the initial release.
Jonathan 04:59
Yep. For the initial release.
Mike 05:00
You can get it in a four-door which is called the SuperCrew. And you can get in the SuperCab which is still a four-door, but it’s not the full four doors. So with the SuperCrew, you get it the full four doors with the five-foot box. With the SuperCab, you get the four doors, but the door and a half with the six-foot box. So those are the two options you can get. So you cannot get the five-foot box with the SuperCab, and you cannot get the six-foot box with the SuperCrew so.
Jonathan 05:29
Got you. So that eliminates a lot of questions that, I mean, in all honesty, I get right away so. Now, as far as models go, I know just like anything else, there’s only going to be certain models offered. And can you kind of guesstimate as far as the pricing goes? We can’t give you the exact pricing, I understand that, because tax [inaudible] and everything else, but just a guesstimate.
Mike 05:47
So for a base, base model– keep in mind, I say, “base model” which means it’s stripped down to the bare minimum. There’s nothing on this truck. It’s just a Ranger. You’re starting at about $26,000 for a base, base model Ranger. Now, those can go all the way up to, I want to say, about 46 to 50,000, depending on what you want.
Jonathan 06:06
Of course.
Mike 06:07
If you want a Lariat Package– so I’ll just tell you. They come in three different trim levels. Now, it’s an XL, which is your base model which you still get with some features. And you can get the XLT, which is in the middle, and your Lariat. So XL, XLT, and Lariat are the three trim levels you can get on the Ranger. And those are ranging from $26,000 all the way up to– I want to say, 45 to 50 grand.
Jonathan 06:26
And let me save some people some time right now with all this going on. For the people that are going to be super picky, which you should be, in a way. But if there’s just certain features you have and cannot have or don’t want per se, just come down to the dealership and build it. I mean, honestly, we’ll save you so much time.
Mike 06:43
Just come talk to us, and we can piece-by-piece put it together.
Jonathan 06:46
Mike 06:47
Figure out exactly what you want, no mistakes. So, that way, you have what you want. That way, you don’t have what you don’t want.
Jonathan 06:51
Yeah. Exactly. So, I mean, like you said, they’re going to be releasing them at the end of this month which is December, beginning year 2019. Now, I’ll just ask it this way. Are there going to be a lot made in the initial release, or is it going to be just a select few? In all honesty, how’s that going to work?
Mike 07:07
Well, I mean, I can’t give you a 100% answer on that, because I’m not 100% sure. I know if you want one, come down and order one. As far as how many are going to be out, I don’t know if they’re going to release a whole bunch right away. It’s a brand new model, and they do that with all the models.
Jonathan 07:24
Of course.
Mike 07:24
I don’t know if they’re going to be releasing a whole bunch right away. If you want one, of course, you can get one. Now, when you order one, it will take some time to order it specifically how you want it.
Jonathan 07:31
Yep. Like any other one.
Mike 07:33
But, just like anything coming out of the lot of a dealership, if a lot runs out of Fusions or Fiestas, we can go get another one so.
Jonathan 07:40
All right. So before I forget. These do come in four-wheel drive–
Mike 07:45
Of course, yeah. Of Course.
Jonathan 07:45
–and two-wheel drive. Correct?
Mike 07:46
Of course.
Jonathan 07:45
All right.
Mike 07:46
You will get a four-wheel drive. And, I think I forgot to mention, it is a 10-speed transmission. A 10-speed transmission.
Jonathan 07:52
Got you. 10-speed, automatic. Correct?
Mike 07:53
10-speed automatic transmission. No more manual. That’s crazy. There’s no more manual trucks anymore unless there’s one I haven’t heard about.
Jonathan 07:59
Yeah. They’re few and far between, we even see nowadays.
Mike 08:02
Jonathan 08:02
So is there anything else you really want to point out as far as the Ranger goes? As far as, maybe, something people want to know about? I mean, we pretty much, I think, covered, for the most part, almost everything.
Mike 08:14
Yeah. I think we’ve covered– again, we still don’t have that much information on them yet. Because it’s kind of Ford’s big, old secret, you know?
Jonathan 08:21
Mike 08:22
But I think we covered most everything. It comes in the XL, XLT, Lariat. Of course, it’s a four-wheel drive. I think it’s just going to be a fun, little truck, man. I really do. I think it’s going to be a hot seller. I think people are going to like it a lot. I’m in line for one too [laughter]. So I would like to–
Jonathan 08:37
A lot of people.
Mike 08:37
–get one too, you know?
Jonathan 08:39
Yeah. It’s going to be a truck that’s going to sell really quick. So I’m telling you right now. If you want to order one, you need to get down to a dealership and, at least, be put on a list or just have one built yourself, to be honest with you.
Mike 08:49
Jonathan 08:50
So anything else before we get off here?
Mike 08:53
There’s some packages you might want to consider. If you want the 501A– I’m going to give a little bit of Ford lingo. The 501A Package for the Lariat comes with some features like premium sound system, You can get now, the 360 Co-Pilot which– if you don’t know what that is, it makes it a lot easier to drive with your backup camera, your front leaning camera, your 360 camera. If you get this package, it has the automatic brake, the pedestrian detection. So if you are driving and you don’t hit your brake in time, the vehicle will brake itself.
Jonathan 09:28
That’s in a truck.
Mike 09:29
In a truck.
Jonathan 09:29
It’s quite amazing.
Mike 09:30
In a truck [laughter].
Jonathan 09:31
That’s crazy.
Mike 09:32
So it does have the BLIS on the mirrors. You want that feature, of course, which will light up if something’s on the side of you. [crosstalk]. A lot of vehicles have that now too, but just some features to point out there for you guys.
Jonathan 09:42
So, in all honesty, what it comes down to is this: To me, as a salesman here at Ford, and I’ve only been working here for three and a half months, is this. Ford’s going all-in on the Ranger.
Mike 09:51
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Jonathan 09:51
That’s what it looks like, in all honesty.
Mike 09:53
Oh yeah.
Jonathan 09:53
This is going to be the game-changer. They knew it was popular back in the day. They get rid of it. Kind of realized that they needed to bring it back because it’s a mid-size truck. You know what I mean?
Mike 10:01
Jonathan 10:01
So many people are looking for them so.
Mike 10:03
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Jonathan 10:05
All right. Well, other than that, I’d like to thank everyone for listening to the Vision Ford After Hours Podcast. And don’t forget to come down and visit us at 1500 South White Sands Boulevard. We’re located here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Or, just give us a quick call at 575-446-4161 for any questions you may have, whether it’s for the Ranger, the new F-150s, it doesn’t matter what it’s for. Just give us a call and we’ll give you an answer, or try to get one as quick as possible. And if you do call or come down, make sure to ask for Mike as well, one of the sales guys we’re interviewing today. Other than that, have a nice day.

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