//2019 Ford GT Anniversary Edition

2019 Ford GT Anniversary Edition

By now, the Ford GT has become an icon among motorsports enthusiasts. This stylish sports coupe first appeared for the 2005 model year as a modern, road-friendly version of the GT40 endurance racecar. The GT40 is perhaps even more famous, known for getting the best of the Ferrari in the Le Mans race from 1966 to 1969. In fact, the GT40 is among the few vehicles to win this race on more than one occasion. And the upcoming 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition is even more remnant of the legendary GT40 – something that collectors won’t be able to resist.

What Does the 2019 Ford GT Anniversary Edition Look Like?

If the new 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition looks familiar, you’re definitely onto something. This high-performance vessel is designed to honor the legendary 1968 Ford GT40, sponsored by none other than American Gulf Oil. Its iconic color scheme – baby blue with orange racing stripes – is perhaps one of the most famous ever to grace the motorsport scene. The 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition has arrived just in time for the 50th anniversary of this legendary classic, complete with a baby-blue-and-orange paint scheme of its own.

Carbon Fiber and Exclusive Graphics

The 2019 Ford GT Anniversary Edition offers an optional package that enhances performance and style, with carbon fiber accents inside and out. The package also includes exclusive No. 9 graphics on both the hood and doors, so there’s no mistaking just what this GT is celebrating: chassis No. 1075, the 1968 GT40. And there’s plenty cause to celebrate; the 1968 GT40 was among the rare racecars to ever win repeat victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. For 2020, Ford says the same package will honor the car that won the 1969 Le Mans with No. 6 graphics.

Upgraded Hardware

In addition to unique style, the 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition features exposed carbon fiber A-pillars. Its exclusive 20-inch aluminum wheels feature a dark, high-gloss stain and black lug nuts. The Heritage Edition’s silver rearview mirror is another nice touch, putting a vintage spin on modern performance. The orange brake calipers put the finishing touches on the classic American Gulf Oil style.

Heritage Edition Interior Style

This Ford GT features ebony Alcantara, upscale microfiber that covers the seats, steering wheel, instrument panel, headliners, and side pillars. On the seats and steering wheel, you’ll find handsome blue and orange contrast stitching to match the exterior color scheme. The exclusive seat badges hark back to the original 1968 Le Mans winner.

This high-end cabin introduces many stylish details. The paddle shifters are anodized and polished, adding to this Ford GT’s vintage style. The instrument panel is accented by dark, high-gloss stainless appliques for a refined, modern touch. The same accents are featured on the doors and x-brace, wrapping you in upscale style.

The Devil Is in the Exclusive Details

The 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition sets itself apart from other heritage models with its unique serialized ID plate. Its exposed matte carbon fiber doorsills, center console, and air register pods all lend themselves to the GT’s agile performance.

The Big 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition Reveal

When Ford first introduced the new Heritage Edition, it appeared side-by-side with its inspiration, the iconic 1968 GT40. These models drew a crowd at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on August 24, 2018. Both models feature the same iconic blue-and-orange color scheme, though, when you view them side-by-side, you can easily pick out the Heritage Edition as the more modern of the pair.

What’s Under the Hood?

When it comes to power, the GT’s familiar 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine is on hand to supply 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. Like other Ford GTs, the 2019 Heritage Edition goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. This means that, in addition to sporty style, you can expect all-out speed. This high-end sports coupe maxes out at top speeds of 216 mph.

What We Don’t Know

As of this writing, Ford has yet to reveal just how many 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition models will be available. However, we do know that these high-end sports coupes will be produced at the Ford Multimatic facility in Ontario, Canada, where they will be stamped with the aforementioned ID plates featuring their serial numbers.

Ford also hasn’t said just how much the Ford GT Anniversary Edition will cost. However, you can expect it to go for around $450,000 – or even more. With its exclusive blend of vintage racecar style and modern performance gear, this special model can’t help but attract notice. We think collectors will fall in love with this Ford GT, perhaps even forking over as much as half a million dollars for it. It’s certainly unlike anything on the road today.

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