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How to Take Care of Your New Ford Fiesta

October 21st, 2018|

The Ford Fiesta has topped the list of best-selling cars in America for many years. Functional and stylish, the Fiesta is renowned as the ideal compact hatchback car that caters to commuters, couples, and families alike. It offers plenty of customizable options —including two engines, manual and automatic transmissions, and a range of upgraded models and trim levels—to meet the needs and preferences of as many drivers as possible. Like its name suggests, the Fiesta is virtually a festive party in a car. Its lightweight, compact design, agile front suspension, and precision steering and braking make driving this car a lot of fun. It offers competitive gas mileage and is packed with high-tech features—like voice-activated navigation along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility—that improve the driving experience for both drivers and passengers alike. To add to the fun, the Fiesta is available with ten different exterior paint color options that include a variety of bright, fun shades that will turn heads on the road. Earlier this year, Ford made a surprising announcement that they would soon be discontinuing most of their car models—including [...]

The Revival of the 2019 Lincoln Continental

October 11th, 2018|

Amid rocky economic climates and the slowing of luxury car sales all-around, the Lincoln Continental has predictably not been selling very well over the past few years. Sales have dropped so much that many car critics and customers expected the Continental series to fade out into discontinuation by 2019 or 2020—especially since Lincoln’s parent company Ford made the decision in early 2018 to discontinue most of their car models as part of their revised truck-focused business plan. The 2019 Lincoln Continental proves that the American luxury car market hasn’t seen the end of the Continental series—which was first released more than seventy-five years ago in 1940. This doesn’t mean that the Continental is here to stay forever, but it does mean that loyal Lincoln buyers still have another chance at a brand new Continental model with updated, upgraded features. Although the 2019 Continental has not yet been officially released, sneak peeks at its most notable specs and features can give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of style, performance, safety, and tech upgrades. You Get What You Pay For Surprisingly, [...]

Which 2019 Ford Truck is Best for Me?

October 10th, 2018|

Beginning in 2018, Ford has begun shifting its focus away from its cars and toward its trucks. In fact, Ford plans to completely discontinue all but two of its car models by 2022 in order to open up its budget for improving and advancing its trucks in the coming years. In order to increase profits and justify its decision to discontinue many of the car models that have been reliable staples on the American car market for decades, Ford has majorly upped its standards for its trucks following its 2018 announcement. As expected in the aftermath of Ford’s shocking announcement regarding the upcoming discontinuation of most of its car models, the updated truck models Ford released for 2019 are some of the iconic American brand’s best models ever. These trucks are powerful, efficient, versatile, and equipped with the most advanced, high-tech safety features and entertainment options on the market. The three main options for 2019 Ford trucks are the SuperDuty, F-150, and Ranger. All of these trucks have different strengths and weaknesses, so choosing between them can be a challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed [...]

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

October 9th, 2018|

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is a redesigned, upgraded model of the 2018 Lincoln MKX crossover vehicle. Along with its own distinctive name, the 2019 Nautilus also features a host of upgrades that give this updated model its own personality with a refreshed, luxurious look and feel. High performance, active safety features, and advanced technology make the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus a stand-out mid-size SUV on the luxury car market. Luxurious Interior The interior of the 2019 Nautilus is brimming with style and comfort for a luxurious look and feel. It is built to accommodate up to five passengers at a time, and its spacious cabin and comfortable cushioned seats offers backseat passengers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the ride. If you choose to upgrade your Nautilus to a higher trim level—from the base model to the Reserve or Black Label trim level—you can choose from a wide array of unique interior color schemes. These options are colorful but still look classy and live up to the luxurious look and feel that is expected from the Nautilus’ interior. You can also choose between different [...]

Podcast Episode 1: Fego Duran – Annual Otero County Fairground Sale

October 4th, 2018|

Matt 00:00 Thanks for joining, everybody. This is the Vision Ford Lincoln Hyundai Podcast. I'm going to be your host for today. My name is Matt, with Think Creative. And today's guest is Fego. Fego, introduce yourself to everyone. Let us know who you are and what it is that you do. Fego 00:18 Yeah. Hi, how are you doing? My name is Fego Duran. I'm the internet manager and marketing director with Vision Ford Lincoln Hyundai here in Alamogordo. And basically, what I do is I kind of oversee the marketing department as well as our internet department. My internet department, what they do is they offer information. And they really are just there to enhance the customer's experience when they're going through the whole buying process, offer them any information, and give them any real answers that the customers may be looking for in their research. Matt 00:53 Oh, that's perfect. And you're just the guy we want to speak to [laughter]. What we wanted to know-- we know that there's a lot of-- you've got some good things going on in [...]

Tips for Enjoying Your Commute in Your Lincoln MKZ

September 28th, 2018|

Commuting to work in a hypnagogue state where we are still remembering that dreamland we left behind can be enjoyable or dreadful. As with anything in life, it is all what you make of it. If waiting behind a line of vehicles torments your soul with physical incapacitation, sensory deprivation, and the stress of being late, you have to solve these problems through profound analyses. Even in a car as stylish and comfortable as a Lincoln MKZ, traffic can be challenging to overcome. Let's not overlook the fact that time is money. The time you spend wasting away in traffic could be used to generate revenue somewhere else. Feeling tired, sick, and having trouble seeing in overcast or dark weather are some additional concerns that really hammer you down. Back-to-back commutes in hard gridlock fighting for space with aggressive drivers is enough to drive anyone bonkers. Luckily, we have compiled a list of methods to beat the commute blues in your brand-new Lincoln MKZ. Be a Leader, Not a Follower It is easy to fall into the habit of just taking the route you [...]

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